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Magic German Time Management

Targeted Planning, Effective Action


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Welcome to the online eTraining “Magic German Time Management – Targeted Planning, Effective Action”. Are you tired of getting lost in an endless stream of tasks and constantly feeling like you don’t have enough time? You are not alone. Many people face the challenge of using their time effectively and achieving their goals.

But don’t worry, because this eTraining has been specifically designed to help you plan your time purposefully and take effective action. No more feeling overwhelmed and constantly jumping back and forth between different tasks.

With proven strategies and practical tips, you will train yourself to make the best use of your time, set priorities and focus on the essentials. Prepare to revolutionise your time management. Have more time for the things that really matter to you.

Are you ready to reclaim your time? Then join us on the journey!


  • The Need to Act
  • Understanding Time and Goals
  • Definition of your Goals
  • Priorities Setting
  • Differentiation between Important & Urgent
  • Task Planning
  • Get to know your Performance Curve


  • Minimize the waste of your resources (time, money, effort)
  • Maximize your performance and satisfaction

Learning Objectives: After the Workout, you can

  • define your goals clearly,
  • set priorities,
  • distinguish between important and urgent,
  • plan your day in a targeted way,
  • know conditions, in which you work best under and inadequacies.

Target Audience: For all people who want to use your time actively and powerfully.

Pre-Requisites: None besides good mood and the desire to improve.

Learning and Teaching Methods: This eTraining course is hold online.

Examination Modalities: Online test after the training.

Speaker: Ines & Andreas


Online eTraining
Booking Number E1308

Duration: 6 hours
Availability: 12 months
Language: English

Price & Booking

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Participation fee:

€ 142.02 – plus tax

€ 169.00 including 19 % sales tax

Solutions for Companies

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Die Wichtigkeit von Zeitmanagement

The target audience for this training includes all managers and employees who want to use their time effectively.

This training takes approximately six hours to complete.

  • Work through the training at your own pace.
  • Repeat the training until you have internalized it.
  • Train, train, train!

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